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  • Sealing Products

    Gaskets and Sealing Products have been at the core of M D Industries product range. These include Gaskets for Exhaust Manifold, Turbocharger and similar applications. These Gaskets are provided with a bead to achieve improved sealing properties.Copper and Aluminium Washers or Joints which are made in millions per month as per DIN and IS standards.

    Cylinder Liner Shims made out of Brass and Stainless Steel.

    Core Plugs for Engines are made out of Stainless Steel or Mild steel with plating.


    Typical Components

    • Sealing Gaskets
    • Heat Sheilds
    • Copper & Aluminium Washers/Joints
    • Cylinder Liner Shims
    • Core Plugs
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    May 01, 2013

    M. D. Industries is a professionally managed manufacturing company into the business of Shims, Spacers, Thrust washers, Lock washers, Gaskets and Precision.